Just Smarty 48 Pieces Jigsaw Dinosaur Puzzle for Kids

$9.95 $11.99
UNIQUE JIGSAW PUZZLE SHAPES – Not your ordinary puzzle pieces, these come in fun and exciting shapes such as fire hydrant, airplane, car, star, dog, ambulance, kangaroo and more! You child will quickly learn to identify new shapes and recognize patterns.
CONFIDENCE BUILDER – With the back tray and pieces outline, this puzzle helps to build confidence.
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - While piecing together various shapes and sizes to discover a bigger picture, a child develops concentration and creativity.
EXTRA DURABLE - Just Smarty puzzle pieces are extra durable to withstand the demands of little hands.
GREAT GIFT FOR 4 and UP – Measuring 14” by 11”, this puzzle is an exceptional gift for children ages 4-7 for screen-free activities.

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